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Paver Walkways

Paver Walkways, Yorkville, NY

You can install various features in your yard, including BBQs, pergolas, patios, outdoor kitchens, decks, lawn spaces, and pools. These outdoor spaces can be used to spend quality time with your friends and family. However, you might wonder how to approach the outdoor area's planning, material selection, and design. Besides the various features mentioned, pathways and walkways are required to navigate these spaces.

Walkways greatly help add to the space's aesthetic appeal, all while improving its usability. They can be used to connect various areas of your landscape. We at Rob Rocks Inc. have created paver walkways and pathways for clients in and around Yorkville, IL, for years. Most clients opt for unique designs and materials to incorporate into the final design concept. Our customers have utilized these features to create a specific tone that significantly adds to the character of their yard.

Paver Walkway Types

As stated previously, pathways or walkways significantly add to the aesthetic of your landscape. Features like these can be used to define their outdoors while adding a sense of complexity to these simple structures. However, it is crucial to ensure you mix the suitable materials with the right design concept. Here are paver materials for walkways:

  • Stone - Being one of the most popular paver materials, stone gives your walkway an organic look that perfectly blends in with its surroundings. They're available in a wide range of tones and shapes. When installed correctly, they greatly enhance the beauty of your landscaped areas. It gives the route a rustic, sleek, and organic look based on how it's installed, and the type of stone used. While stones are considerably more expensive than other options available, they provide excellent long-term value.

  • Brick - This is another popular choice for driveways and walkways. They have a more natural and traditional appearance, giving your property a rustic look. While it’s not as expensive as stone, it is just as durable. Brick walkways can be used to blend in with the surrounding, which makes them an excellent addition to your landscape. Besides, they are easy to maintain and fix, making them popular among many homeowners.

  • Concrete - if you want something more versatile, concrete is the way to go. Available in various shapes and sizes, they blend in perfectly with any pattern you opt for. Their durability, minimal upkeep, and wide range of options make them a popular choice.

Ideas For Paver Walkway Design

Rearranging the pavers in an irregular pattern will give them a new and fresh look. You can create a sense of curiosity and anticipation when your walkway leads to a section of your landscape that's not visible from your deck or patio. Straight paths are formal and can seem imposing. On the other hand, a narrower way with natural turns gives your landscape a more organic and natural look. We discuss your requirements and provide unique paver walkway designs and layouts.

For more information on paver walkways, get in touch with Rob Rocks Inc. via this Online Form, or give us a call at 630-742-4996, and we will get back to you within the shortest time possible.

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