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Aquascapes, Yorkville, NY

A landscape is complete only when it has a variety of components and characteristics in the appropriate proportions. This implies that in addition to trees and plants, it must have masonry components such as retaining walls, paved areas, ornamental elements, and landscape lighting, among others. An aquascape is another touch that transforms every property into a work of art.

Adding a well-designed waterscape to your commercial or residential landscape is an excellent way to add drama to your outdoor settings. We at Rob Rocks Inc. are landscaping specialists that have assisted several clients in and around Yorkville, IL, in achieving the aesthetic they want for their homes.

Range of Aquascape Elements

We can design and build a variety of different kinds of waterscapes that include the following:

  • Waterfalls - Many of our clients request that we include waterfalls in their waterscapes. These pieces serve as an excellent background for various other garden features. Rock waterfalls are quite popular because they resemble natural waterfalls and lead seamlessly into brooks and streams.

    If you have children or pets and are concerned about safety, you may choose pondless waterfalls. These lack a foot pond, and water is drained via cracks in the foundation and recirculated throughout the system.

  • Ponds - These are a wonderful complement to any landscape design. Keep in mind that these are high-maintenance elements. If you prefer a Koi Pond with exotic fish and various aquatic plantings, you will need to maintain it meticulously and regularly.

  • Stone Bubblers - If you have a small garden or yard but want to include an aquascape feature, stone bubblers are a superb choice. These are cored-out natural stone boulders with water pouring through the openings, which bursts out and produces a charming fountain-like appearance. If desired, they can also install them on your patio or deck.

  • Statuary Water Fountains - We can install a statuary water fountain in the middle of the pond for those who want more sophisticated waterscapes. These fountains can be tailored to your specifications, and we can integrate any aesthetic components you choose.

We have detailed discussions with you to understand your needs and ideas before coming up with aquascape plans and designs that work best for you.

Custom Designed Aquascapes

Whatever your needs are, we are the professionals that can create an aquascape to meet them. This contributes to making a distinctive appearance for your property. We use the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and installation processes in every project. Additionally, we add pond pumps and lighting as part of the aquascapes project.

Water features are a fantastic way to bring freshness to your landscape and create a relaxing zone in your home. Our creativity and skills help ensure that your outdoor spaces look lively and feel refreshing. We install all the equipment required to keep the water recirculating through the waterscape elements. For additional information about our aquascape design and installation, call Roc Rocks Inc at 630-742-4996. You can also write to us via this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to discuss your requirements.

Let Rob Rocks Inc. give you a complete and balanced landscape with the addition of a water feature that can bring peace, tranquility, sounds, and joy to your dream landscape.

We design and build various water features along with custom pools, including fountains, ponds, streams, and waterfalls. These structures are often built using concrete, various boulders, natural stone, or brick. You can see in these images the beautiful and unique pools that our skilled designers have planned. We also install the pavers for the poolscape and ensure that your inground pool is stable and resilient. Our personalized approach ensures that you get a feature tailored to your specific requirements and complements your existing landscape design. Additionally, we install all sorts of retaining walls of all sizes and take pleasure in offering outstanding value through our well-planned and correctly located retention walls. You may see examples of the many retaining walls we design and build. Our crew will guarantee that the walls complement your yard perfectly. Before creating custom designs and layouts for your property's outdoor areas, our professionals will assess your property's outdoor spaces.
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